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Christening Thank You Letter

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 23 Sep 2015 | comments*Discuss
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Christenings are events that tend to bring together a wide variety of family and friends. Also known as baptisms or even welcoming ceremonies, christenings are ritual acts that admit new members to a church. Many of those who are christened are babies, but a number of adults are also christened every year. When others come together for a christening it is nice to acknowledge their involvement with a thank you letter.

Content of a Thank You Letter for a Christening

The content of a thank you letter for a christening will depend upon whether the christening was for an infant or for an adult. Thank you letters for the christening of a baby will usually include a message of thanks for attending, or for a gift or card, as well as wishes or hopes for the baby's future. In contrast, thank you letters for the christening of an adult will usually include a message of thanks as well as details of the adult's journey to the church or hopes for their journey in the future. However, regardless of the content of the message, as many concrete details as possible should be included. These details will help personalise the letter and keep it from feeling like a generic form letter.

Format of a Thank You Letter for a Christening

Thank you letters for christenings can be formatted in almost any manner. If they are formal then they can follow business letter formatting. If they are informal then they can be handwritten on paper, notecards or even inside commercial cards. But, because christenings are more solemn events, email or e-card thank you letters should be avoided. Postal or hand delivery of these letters is fine, and delivery should be timed for no later than a week after the christening itself.

Sample of a Thank You Letter for an Adult Christening

13 Jun 2024

Dear Paolo,

Thank you again for the beautiful leather bound Bible. It was so thoughtful of you to remember that I had been studying with a borrowed Bible, and to arrange for such a wonderful Bible to be delivered on the day that I entered the Church. While it would have been wonderful if you could have attended the ceremony, knowing that you were thinking of me made the day just as special. Thank you again for the special gift, and for all of your help as I made my journey towards baptism.

Best Wishes,


Sample of a Thank You Letter for an Infant Christening

13 Jun 2024

Dear Paolo,

We just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful Children's Bible that you sent Paul for his christening. While we were of course disappointed that you were unable to attend, we had a friend fill in for you during the ceremony and all went well. Now we can't wait for your next visit so that Paul can officially meet his Godfather. It will be so special to see the two of you together and for you to have a chance to read to Paul from the Bible that you sent him. Thank you again for thinking of us all.

Best Wishes,

Tina and Sylvester

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