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Thank You Letter for Looking After a House

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 21 Mar 2020 | comments*Discuss
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Most people end up leaving their homes at some point in the year, and knowing that someone else will be around to keep an eye on things can help them relax and enjoy their time away. Sending a thank you letter to the person who looks after a house is good etiquette, and it makes it more likely that the person will look after the house again in the future!

Content of a Thank You Letter for Looking After A House

Thank you letters for looking after a house can be as detailed as the responsibilities involved in the task. If, for example, someone literally just kept an eye on the house then this note will probably be brief and to the point. However, if someone let him or herself in every day to bring in the post, water the plants, feed the gerbil and check that everything else is in order then it is a good idea to mention these details. It is also nice to mention why this person was selected for the task, such as how trustworthy and responsible (s)he is, as well as how his or her actions impacted the letter writer's trip away, for example by providing peace of mind. If the letter writer is willing to reciprocate and watch someone else's house in the future then (s)he can add this to the thank you letter, but this offer should not be made if the writer does not mean to follow through if asked.

Format of a Thank You Letter for Looking After A House

The format of a thank you letter for looking after a house will usually follow the content and tone of the letter. A brief note thanking someone for keeping an eye on things is relatively informal and thus could be written on a notecard or commercial card, or even sent via email or e-card. More detailed notes will probably still be handwritten on notecards or commercial cards, though the writer may decide to type them and print them with a nice border if (s)he feels that the relationship with the recipient warrants it. Formal business letter formatting, with the contact details of both parties and formal salutations and closings, is not usually needed on these letters as they are most often sent between friends and neighbours. These letters should be delivered by hand or by post no more than a week after the writer returns home.

Sample of a Thank You Letter for Looking After A House

19 Jul 2024

Dear Raoul,

Thank you again for looking after our house for the past few days. I had no idea that Marc had arranged this with you (nor that I was being swept off to Paris for Valentine's Day!) but it certainly set our minds at ease to know that you were around to make sure everything was in order. We truly lucked out to have someone as trustworthy and responsible as you as our next door neighbour! If we can ever return the favour, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks again,


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